Should lgbtq history be taught in schools?


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Mar 6, 2021
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Hi everybody,
Currently the society is increasingly developing. Therefore, discrimination against third sex people no longer exists. As a result, more and more people are coming out of themselves as third gender. What do people think if history about LGBT is given and taught in schools? In order for students to be able to approach that concept sooner, through which there will be no prejudices about it?
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Nov 23, 2020
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Alternative Lifestyle are a small percentage of Society for roughly 30 years. Prior to that its taboo or kept very quiet. No one talked about anything. And those who were part of that were dealt with in a variety of ways by Society. If I consider the 50's there isnt very much in the way of Sex Ed as common in later school years for teenagers at puberty. And from the 50's time I think it was left to the parents to educate the children at home when the time came as they hit puberty. Excluding Sexual Predators for the moment my parents learned a very sanitized version taught in school which left much to the imagination. Nothing was taught. In the 60's you had the so called sexual revolution, Woodstock Concert at a Farm in NY State would be one example. Free Love and all that. That came off the west coast and spread east with the new LSD and other drugs that also came east in due time. The rebellion by children against parents was a combination of sexual activity, drug use or something else.

Another example of how Society worked hard to tamp down sexual expression would be how they treated Elvis when he started performing on stage. The Girls loved him very much and he was something else in music in his own way, however because of what Elvis was doing with the rotating hips and so on, Much of then society was essentially scandilized and fought against the idea that the younger ones are being corrupted fast before their time by Elvis. Anyone can read about small things like that from those days, it reflected what Society was in their very strict ways.

Schools taught Sex ed in the Public Side (Not including Deaf School system in Maryland (Columbia and Frederick) and certainly not including the school for coloreds and the school for the blind in Baltimore at Taylor Ave from the 50's on. I think Integration happened in the early 60's by state law and by Federal Directives, to go into that is way beyond the scope of this topic. Any deaf who were not given proper Sex Ed in Columbia in the late 70's did not evolve well in a few cases. Some were actually preyed upon by predatory staff from about 1977 on. There was no sex ed to speak of and certainly none of the alternative lifestyle. Again the People who did not conform were deal with and essentially ostracized.

A side note. In a section of the Deaf School we had a number of children who are through a variety of reasons are unable to function freely as most of us do in Society. They have what we call Caregivers with them 24/7 and various rules of conduct that are quite different than ours on the other side of the school. One rule for example was not to touch another person, boy or girl. For obvious reasons when they reach a certain age they were then referred to as trainables and punished or taught additional rules as needed to make them not be a problem in their section. I tried to be brief and pick carefully words to describe their situation. But essentially each one of those children were not allowed to decide for themselves on too many things if at all. No knowledge or freedom. Thats a real bad dark part of it.

Some were exploited as victims because the predators chose them for their limited faculties, They did not understand a crime was committed against them. And so would not report it. I would hope 40 years on since those days there would be a better way to detect those problems among those who do not know enough to do anything about a problem.

There was certainly into the middle school years a beginning (About the early 80's on) with the Aids situation that was new at that time. In those days it was transmitted strictly by same sex couples and infected reused needles between people previously infected. And it was treated by Society rather badly in the beginning as "Just deserts" or a form of God's Judgement and so on. Keep in mind Society is or was much different in those days than it is now. More strict and somewhat stiff and still Sex ed as I recieved it in Public Middle School did not include too much. If you wanted to learn the details there was special books at the library for you to go through or your parents got them from there and you learned on your own. In my case a Girlfriend relationship progressed and its strictly normal. Against sex offenses laws there was no crime committed. Again laws were not taught to children. No one knew a 14 year old could be with a 14 year old and no crime committed.

In the 80's anything that we call awareness of alternative lifestyle among same sex or trans people (Thats a whole another situation) were taken care of by a vocal minority among the student body. I think in Frederick out of about a few hundred students we had by the mid 80's about 50 who probably engaged in a alternative lifestyle on their own choice without any input or education from Staff or Teachers EXCEPT a FEW Specific Staff who were actively advocating such a lifestyle in secret at work inside the dorms as houseparents, counslers etc. in real time. Very quietly and carefully. There you will find that a growing number of children (Teenagers by now) were learning from one another much faster than any Education System could teach (They still did not have anything in those days, not until the late 90's when finally forced to teach health class by the state) you can imagine the big changes in a ever larger number of students who chose to engage in that type of living. The reason I did not address Trans is because I think only two maybe if that existed in our system. They were removed quietly and transferred out by the State and so its not a problem until I entered trucking and started running into that type of people. (Which is a whole another topic)

That is usually the failures of the Education System, both Public and Deaf up to that time.

If you are seeking a history as it happened in the evolution of alternative sexual behaviors among young adults, you want to find the staff advocates from that time period who are still living. However enough time has passed that they are no longer with us. However they leave behind in many specific cases a sort of legacy for which future students will learn from what they taught while alive. BEYOND the confines of the school system online.

No one was taught age of consent and so on plus all the particulars we now are aware of in today's society. It was a totally different time. In fact. If the staff of the bus or school or some position of authority caught me with girl engaging in certain things that is part of a relationship then we were suspended and the parents informed which then led to a number of other issues dealt with then. If anyone was caught engaging in Alternative activity with a same sex or cross gender or whatever it is... all of that is SPECIFICALLY swept under the rug and kept quiet. In other words it did not happen. Sometimes the affected students were simply removed from the school system midyear and thats that. They are gone. Eliminated as you would cut out a tumor. NO teacher anywhere in those days taught anything about that kind of alternative. Not in those days.

I think when the Education System eventually was opened up to teach alternative stuff in the broad light of day to those children way too young to hit puberty or even understand what it's all about thats where the most damage is done. Its fairly recent. I have not been part of school for decades. I did attend college for a few years until we learned to cut out financial losses after workers were coming to my state on H1b to do MY work if I graduated. What a waste of good money. They did speak about trying to respect those who are not necessarily conforming to the rest of society living a alternative lifestyle such as sex in the dorms and such (We owned a house in the area so that particular intstruction did not apply to us) however for us its a first clue that the Education System from College level all the way down to essentially elementry schools started broadcasting this alternative material to the exclusion of ordinary middle school sex ed (Which itself evolved by then... nicely I should say)

When parents learned of the materials that are prepared to be taught to children not yet at puberty or even possess a view sufficient to make that kind of decision thats where you get the pushback and controversary etc. You can understand that AIDS by now is not a stigma but rather managed by huge amounts of medicine and so on and times did change with that over the decades. I have first hand knowledge of people some from my school years who have eventually been killed by AIDS, particularly since they refuse to end their alternative bedroom habits. And some were predators who died in prison. Either from Aids or from murder by fellow prisoners according to their code once the sex offenses against younger children became knowledge in the jailhouse. Do I miss them? Eh no. We all have one life to live and when its over thats it. I do have friends who engage in alternative behavior for their own lives and if I happen to interact with them they know that its not a problem because I am not of that style. However... Education Systems has begun to make it a problem and I am still working out how to deal with that.

If I had a problem with anything, it will have to be leveled against the Current Educational Systems across the USA based on the Common Core first followed by enforced teaching of alternative things and other subjects that really is not revelant to a 4 year old or even a 10 year old yet. Those are what I would consider adult or post puberty questions that will come up and there is plenty of material both in books, internet and trained staff who deals with those kinds of issues in a controlled case by case situation. Broadcasting it to 50 kids at a time who dont know anything only creates a balkanized society as the children make choices among themselves. Which might be a negative choice against them for life. They just dont know it yet.
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