Send Us Your Video and Get Paid!


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Did you record something funny, unexpected or unique on your smartphone? Want to get up to $500 for your video?

If your answer is YES, then please send me a Private Message (PM) or email to for details.

Some example of videos we're looking for:

- Funny (fails, slips, etc)
- Extreme Weather (tornadoes, huge storms, floods, lighting, etc)
- Babies (signing, hearing for first time, etc)
- Animals (cute pets, animal attacks, unusual pet/animal behavior, etc)
- Anything that's interesting and unique

Please note that we only work with original videos that you recorded on your own and are not branded or watermarked.

If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to contact me at


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Couldn't send it through email... The file is too large. Can I send it through WhatsApp. Please drop your WhatsApp so I can send it on there.


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Good question, Alex.

What about ASL vlogs?

Old school ASL vlogs that includes English transcripts for others that may feel intimidated by the old school ASL.

I will wait for the general consensus before I upload my series of ASL vlogs. I would not want to step on fingers and toes, figuratively speaking & signing.