Send email in Sign Language:

Hello there

I'm Michael Heuberger, a Deaf Web Developer, from New Zealand. For a couple of months I've been programming a cool web prototype for Deaf People, see it yourself:

You can send emails in Sign Language to anyone, directly from your web browser! It's very easy. Try it yourself.

How I made it? First I was just experimenting but now I see it's working well. It's using the most modern technologies and it's written in node.js, 100% Javascript. It does not rely on Flash and works from anywhere. All you need is just a modern Browser (Chrome, Firefox).

I think I'm confident at this stage and would like to share it with all Deaf people around the world. For example in Germany already 80 people a day (average) are using it. No idea about the future of but I'm very excited. Every day people give me feedback and I'm constantly improving the product. Maybe I'll try an iPhone app in the next months ...

Feel free to share with others. Spread it. Use it. It's free.

You find more info about the videomail development on my blog here: - Binary Kitchen

Best greetings from Auckland
Michael H.