Self Inflicted Deafness


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Who in hells toilet would try and make themselves DEAF!?! I mean, I know we're cool and everything... but SERIOUSLY!?! Seriously guys....seriously, who the hell... would do that... seriously... You might want to go seek some mental help... causing permanent damage to yourself to... seriously what the hell!? *facepalm*
I've often considered it. And yes I go over the line on occasion. Yes...mental case. HOH with recent hypercausis. Hypercausis has not tempted me. Maybe a bit. But it is anti-socialism which gets into my head. Be deaf to say F the world don't wanna hear your shyt no more. Like when some are mute. Refusing to be involved in society. My thoughts of self-inflicted deaf comes alongside temptation to go mute. Anti-social. Isolation. I don't think it has anything to do with Munchausan's or hypochondria.................
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That is a level of honesty some can't muster. I don't know if it cost you to share but I appreciate your candor and willingness to help another.