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I been contacted by a hacker? Scammer, trying to get me to contact her doing text, pretending to give me attorney information,
the phone numbers does not link to any attorney, The attorney comes across from someone in Nigeria. I did report this person to the
people on this website.


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You can also report to the Attorney General. Also if you recieved the scam call by relay or through contact via SSA etc (Whom never contacts anyone outside of Official Business) you can refer the whole thing in documented detail of the incident to the Office of the Inspector General. These are Federals who will find the people associated with that problem call and deal with them. You dont have to worry about it anymore.

If you happen to be in need of something like a Lawyer, get in your car and visit various local lawyers for whatever it is you need. I don't blind call or try to get to people who might take advantage of me later as scamming. The phone company interecepts scammers anywyay and if they did get through they are blocked. Not going to see them again.

Its a shame that scamming activities have devalued modern society to where if it becomes a big problem burning up your phone minutes you can get a different number (Ask for a Quiet number, one that has never been issued before specifically) And you will be fine.

Hey Mister, I have a bridge to sell you, you get a billion dollars a year in tolls etc. All yours. Sign here. Yea right. Most people quit thinking or listening after the words billion dollars a year. And they float in dreamland lolling on mountains of money ignoring the rest of the scamming talk.

Once they get to one victim they never stop until they find another.

The one BIG change anyone can do and break the scamming issues in less than a hour. How? Send precise information with a incoming phone number so you know exactly who, where, and what they are calling from. Unless it is a Federal Agency or a Military Installation that requires privacy. Scammers will be totally unable to function when their inbound calling number on your phone contains information that they are engaged in a call center work. Along with who they are by name specifically. That will cut down on like 98% of the problems right away.