Sad news


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I have known Bottesini around here for ages and how much this forum benefited from her. She will be missed. Condolences to her family and friends.


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So sad to read this...:(. I didn't know Botti as long as many here. She and I did butt heads in the beginning but I grew to admire and respect her. I don't know if she felt the same way but do know we made peace and bonded a little regarding some things.

May she find peace and happiness. My sympathies to her husband, daughter (don't know if there are other siblings) and grandchildren....

She will definitely be missed here- there will be a big hole at AD...

That's interesting, she was nice to me all time since she joined AD so I never have any issues with her.


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Botti was the lighthouse, the solid rock through my journey to realising my Deaf Identity these past 7 years. She will be sorely missed. My thoughts and prayers are with family members at this sorrowful time.


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OH sigh.... Sorry for her passing. Known her since 2008 I believe. She was a well respect AD community. Rest in Peace!

Jane B.

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I was shocked and saddened when I first read of Botts passing but was in the middle of getting a number of things done and wanted to think this through before posting.

We, of course, did not agree on everything but I know those differences also many time made me think of something I would not have otherwise and I am thankful for that.

I have been through losing a family member (my father) to what seemed sudden death and the shock it causes but also peace from knowing the suffering that they were spared.

Thank you, Lauren, for sharing with us and may our thoughts and prayers help the whole family at this time.


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I'm shocked to read about Bottesini passed away.

My condolences to her family and friends. She will be missed in AllDeaf Community.‎

Rest in peace and fly free Bottesini!
Thank you Lauren for letting us know. :(


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Oh this is sad. She was very special tell it like it is and a pillar of good sense. I was always enchanted when she showed off her amazing imagination. Helpful and kind but firm, whoa, this crusty guy misses her already. Ow ow ow!!

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I'm really surprised to find out Botti passed away recently, but I am so happy to have made her acquaintance. Lauren and her family has my deepest sympathy.


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Wow...I just found this thread and please accept my belated condolences. She was a very respected member of the forum and we'll all miss her.



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I am sorry to hear the passing of Botti. Although we did not speak much or get along here. She was a crafty ole soul and loved many. May you find peace, comfort, and love for you and your family, Lauren. Continued thoughts and positive prayers always.