Ropes Drama for Deaf



This video was posted by one of my Deaf friends. Hope you all like it. She is the third person with a rope and sign. Her roommate is the first one.


me too i dont get it!

Ok, run down for those who won't understand:

The person in the middle is a normal person.

The first person comes in holding a dollar bill, a sign and a rope with a loop at the end. The man takes the money (since it is for a place in Mexico, the sign says Dinero, which is spanish for dollar), sign, and the girl ties a rope to his arm and starts tugging on him.

The second girl comes in waving her hand like a fancy person, holding a sign that says "fame." Again, the man accepts the fame, and the girl ties his feet.

Now the man is looking for a way out. Along comes the third girl who is holding religion. He accepts it and the girl gives him the sign and ties his other hand.

The man is now being tugged at from both hands and his feet. The final person comes in and takes off his burdens, putting the ropes on himself and lets the man go.

Turning around, the now free man turns and worships this Saviour, who represents Jesus.

Make sense now?