Road to the Super Bowl XLV

The Highlander

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Go Bears!



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Alot mistakes? Yeah thats right! The last two kick off by patriots yields less than 15 yards! It looks like they weren't even trying to kick twice in row. That sure hurts them.

Yeah... Maybe they were trying but the NY Jets did a good job on defense, they blitzed them. They had a good game plan. What can you say?



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I just want to say one thing: My pathetic Miami Dolphins suck. The front office is full of morons. The fans are really ticked - I have not heard so much back talk from my fellow fans in many, many years. Heads must roll. Today we hire a truly horrific Offensive Coordinator. My Dolphins have no hope. We will be cellar dwellers (division-wise) for some time. I am sooo angry. Our owner is stupid.


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Gonna root for the Bears... got someone from my province playing for da Bears so it would be great to see him get there to the Super Bowl!