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Mar 27, 2003
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Don't hold your breath. This is a PR release. A few years back we had a poster who was completely obessed with completely implantable CIs and he mistook PR releases for "IT"S AN ANNOUCMENT THERE"S A CURE!" You really have to learn to interpret the lingo of Kendall Square style businesses. They're very good at hyping things up..... remember the approval of the Alizehimer's drug that was based on kind of shoddy data?
(quote)the company saw statistically significant improvements in speech perception in some participants after a single injection, with some responses lasting nearly two years.

The company has dosed more than 200 patients to date and has seen clinically meaningful improvements in speech perception in three separate clinical studies. Another study failed to show improvements in hearing compared to the placebo group,(/quote) SOME participants saw improvement. I have a VERY strong feeling that this may only help SOME people with very specific causes of loss......Also it's not a cure....