real deaf programmers?


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Most of the jobs in my small area want C knowledge. Some really good paying jobs, so I want to learn it and stop living like a poor man. For the time being I'm just learning networks which is quite easy..... Thinking about getting my Network+ certification but everyone tells me certs are a joke so not sure what to do. Think I'm gonna get it anyway.


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contact me!

i am working at company R&D SW C++ and XML
i would like to talk with you about SW because you are deaf and me too we can communicate easy way and to build the best in the future!

Best! ;) :wave:


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I know a few but heard there's several at Microsoft and other tech companies in Seattle area. I would estimate there are about 500, more or less deaf programmers in the United States.


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I know PHP, serve, I research professional specialist research sheet to Cascading Style Sheets and also more more hardest to php, apache.JavaScript. bug on my serves

It modify on php template on my serves on some bug on my servees I am really development call PHP and #C,HTML5 also . it is very uneasy! I know research javascript and php :) It is research implementation development php and #C and Microsoft implentation, CDN more secure :) It is secure!


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I'm Freelance Front - End Developer bro :) , I Mostly focus on Web Application such as Php and Mysql , Jquery , RWD Bootstrap/CSS3 and Im currently learning Codeigniter (I think its outdated lemme just stick with it ) and Laravel 5 framework from scratch


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I started with BASIC. Man - that was ages ago, but it was pretty easy for high schoolers to learn in the 80s when computers did not even have hard drives.
Since then, I've picked up Java, JavaScript, PHP, MySQL, SQLi, PDO, C++, and a bit of NodeJS as well as React.
I don't work as a professional programmer - my main job is teaching ASL, but I created an app for studying ASL.
I'm looking to update it to make it more reactive and to work with Vimeo, but it's a major project.
I'm willing to make it open source in GitHub or write a grant if I can find more Deaf programmers who want to work on a major REACT project. I know REACT a little, but would be willing to switch to a different dev platform if there's a good reason.
If anyone is interested, please let me know!