Questions/ A Discussion on Being Part of the Deaf Community


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Feb 25, 2022
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Hi! I'm an Anthropology Student studying the Deaf community. I wanted to start an open discussion to widen my knowledge of Deaf culture. Here are some questions I came up with after looking through the forums here:

1- What are things others do that are considered inappropriate, annoying, or rude within the Deaf community?

2- What is the general attitude towards those of hearing? Like/Dislike/Don’t care/Doesn’t matter?

3- What are some slang/terms specific to the Deaf community? Are any of those terms offensive to hoh/Deaf?

4- What is it like to go to school as hoh/Deaf? Is it challenging/easy? For those who go to a school specialized in supporting the Deaf community in learning- what’s the style of learning like (Is it any different from a public school in teaching methods/environment)?

5- What are some struggles faced in day-to-day life? Are there ways in which the rest of the world could be more accessible to those who are hoh/Deaf?

6- What are some things that define Deaf culture?

7- What are any subjects/messages not mentioned above that are important to touch on regarding the Deaf community?

***If anyone would be willing to have further conversations with me one on one, lmk!! Thank you!***