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Aug 27, 2019
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My Name is Noam (female), and I am a college student going into my second year now. I am currently in a joint course with students from a different college, that is all about innovation. As part of this course, we are required, in groups, to come up with an innovative idea to sell locally and then globally, to find the right market for it and to see into it according to the business model handed to us. So, why am I sharing this in this forum you ask? My team and I decided to choose this idea- creating a software that, using gesture detection, can translate ASL into text. Basically we wanted to start with an app- from ASL to text, and from voice to text. That way the hearing and the hearing-impaired can have a more fluent conversation than what is available today (a direct conversation with no interpreter). We wanted to the name the venture "UNMUTE", but, I felt like that might be somehow offensive to the deaf community. Is it? If it is, do you have any other suggestions for a venture name? Maybe using a word that is only used by the ASL users, that the hearing don't even know of. I really appreciate your help, and I wish that one day the hearing community can actually get to know more and talk in a more convenient and fluent way with the deaf community.
We though to make this our logo (with the sign for "equal" if I'm not mistaken):