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Lotte doesn't discovers many new sounds, or at least she's hardly surprised when she hears a new sound..

Today she discovered a new one that did surprise her. The sound of bubbles coming from her cola.!!
At first she said "what's that.?" when she poured her cola.
Then we let her listen with her ear on top of the glass with cola.
As she listened, a big grin came on her face..

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Sweet story! There was a great 'CI moments' thread on AD before many of the adults who got CIs left a few years ago that mentioned all sorts of sounds we forget to listen to. That's one of the same sounds that delights my daughter, too! We don't tend to have cola at home, and it's not easy to hear that sound in a restaurant (I can't hear it in noise, myself), but we were relaxing by a friend's pool just this past summer when she picked up on the sound for the first time and was fascinated. The sound of the bubbles is often featured in ads for cola drinks, too, so I'm guessing fizziness is one of those universally delighting sounds, odd as it is.