Prelingual deaf adult getting CI


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Hi !
My wife was born and lived as a deaf for her whole life. Fortunately, we were offered to get a CI because hearing aids did not help much for her hearing. She only had her hearing aids for about 6 months. I could not find much resources on how it is effective to have CI on hearing ability for someone who lived as a deaf for whole life. Can you give me some insights and what to do? Should we get it? Thank you all. And which one is better between AB, Cochlear, and MEDEL?

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Hard choice to answer, some here would say yes, some no. My first question why, life been OK? Why now? First chance? If never heard before how would you know what one is hearing is hearing? I've seen both sides the excitement and disappointment, are you ready for either or both? All I can say is pray for Devine guidance, yes listen to a lot of other experiences but know that's there's may not be yours, I go back to my first question why, what are you looking for? Why does a curly hair girl want straight and a straight hair girl want curly? CI not hair and not without risk, is it worth it? Can you accept your self the way you are? Can you accept the way you turn out if it's not what you think? Something's you can't return from, unsee ,undo... we live with our choiceses for better or worse, in sickness or in health, for richer or overs are not an option with CI. I mean not to discourage you nor encourage. This question is discussed here often, can't tell you which thread it's on but look around, don't be afraid to try and don't regret not trying. Not much help am I? Good luck with your choice and have no regrets, plot your course and ride your adventure :2c: