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So at the moment I am almost 7 months pregnant with my third baby. I was desperate to find a new job at almost 6 months along. So when I got my first interview I didn't feel the need to tell them that I was pregnant. They hired me and I have been working there for about a month now. This job was way easier than my last one, both being housekeeping.
So last night I ended up in the hospital thinking something was wrong with the baby because of the pain I was in, I found out that my baby is just large and sitting lower than my last 2 did. There is nothing wrong with the baby at all. I picked up some extra days at work and had to call my shift leader to tell her I would not be able to work the extra days, which was fine because she had someone else who wanted them anyways. I had told both my shift leader and coworkers that I am pregnant and that it doesn't hinder my job at all.
Today I went in to get my check and my boss, the owner, was in the office. First she started with. "I don't know you." Not asking my name, or saying hello, or introducing herself. Just that she didn't know me. Once I told her my name she got angry. Giving me a speech about how she didn't know I was pregnant and how she never would have hired me had she known. She was extremely rude. She got even more mad when she asked why I didn't tell her, or rather the girl interviewing me, that I was pregnant? I was so mad I didn't answer. I was desperate for the job and money that I didn't feel that I had to. But something else was weighing on my mind about the interview. One of the questions was if I had an disabilities and if I did could I still do my job.
I know for a fact that they can't ask me if I have a disability or if I am pregnant at an interview. I told them about my hearing loss because I wasn't thinking about it and it was something that my team would find out about.
I am just super angry with the way she presented herself. She was rude and not very understanding of my point of view. I would love to quit but I still need the money and finding another job this close to my due date would be extremely hard.
If you were treated this way would you quit or keep working for this rude women with a cold heart?


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I wouldn't worry too much about whether you want to keep working for the rude woman.

I am fairly certain she will soon find a reason to fire you that is unrelated to your pregnancy.

It's unfortunate, but it's pretty much how the world works, I know if you had disclosed it, you might not have been hired, but not disclosing six months pregnant can make you look dishonest.


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I understand how it look dishonest, but I was extremely desperate for this job. I mean I have other children to support and my husband only makes so much. I am sure she will try, But at least if she fires me I can get on unemployment until after my baby is born. So that is a small plus, but being fire will follow me around when I want to get another job and being fired only a month into it looks super bad.


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She do seem rude person..Wow you do seem have heartless rules a 6month pregnant woman desperate for work don't you get maternity leave or some form of govermenthelp..I see it from both 6/7 month pregnant woman you should disclosed it but I understand your personnel situation,my heart go out to you hunny and a woman saying this to you
I got a new job when I was 3month pregnant that was 30 years ago I was not Query about it just went on maternity leave at 7 months full pay to 6weeks post natal they also tried not send me to heavy wards when pregnancy showed and we thought pregnant women were getting rough deal
This seems so wrong in Civerlized country a pregnant woman desperate and no goverment help what about Union help.definatly catch 22


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Housekeeping isn't an easy job...I did it when I retired for a Bed & Breakfast....(but I was not pregnant).....Good pay & awesome tips....

I did work until 3AM at a Newspaper (proofreading and teletype) until my child was born that morning at 9:31AM....But the job was pretty easy and I sat down to do the work and no heavy lifting....Another lady worked with me too until her child was born (linotype operator)....We both kept our weight down by keeping active but not overdoing it...

Perhaps the boss lady was really rude...and sorry you had to go thru that...but like Botti said, it's best to be honest....and get your doctor's approval that you can work but not strenuous tasks....and Housekeeping can be bad for your back with all the bending, vacuuming, etc., etc. I had to climb a spiral staircase all day long, up and down and carrying heavy Comforters, sheets, etc., to the rooms.....I was really tired after 8 hours...


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The job is actually much easier, what was supposed to be a 6pm to 1am job turned out to be an 8 pm until midnight, if I was lucky job. The most I have worked is 6 hours. I only work 3 days a week and get paid monthly, no tips. So the job is not all that good. I would not get paid maternity leave.

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