Practice Buddy


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Hey, I'm Rochelle. I'm still currently learning ASL but I'd love to have someone to practice with. I plan on using ASL as one of my "foreign" languages to get into college and it is something I really want to be dedicated to. I already use ASL a lot for work but I would love to be better at it so I can communicate better when I am working. So I really would love to have someone to practice with and eventually become good friends with.


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Hi Rochelle ! My name is Natani . Hahah my middle name is Rochelle!! I just started learning asl 2 months ago so there’s a lot I need to work on! If you’re interested I can be your practice buddy !!


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Hey Rochelle, my name is Michelle. I am a beginner at ASL and would love to practice with you. send me a message if youre interested :)