Picture of Your Significant Other


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My sweetie and I.


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Schermy, I hardly see your picture, so tiny. LOL

Reba, your husband is handsome.

And to everyone else, cute couples. :)


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Ok, my finger does not mean to everyone else. I just made an inside joke about myself having my finger as my significant other.

Pardon me.

Thank you, I accept your Pardon, but please just be a little more respectful in a thread like this. It's not just me and Chase............read through it......others were offended as well.


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We're obvs not married but this is my love:) andd i know i look young in the pics..unfortunately i get mistaken for a pre-teen sometimes...wat can ya do! lol


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By owlstarry, shot with NIKON D40X at 2008-03-29

They are my good friends of my crew I lead them in workplace. They always call me BOSSY but I told them to make a team in assurance of safety. I'm glad to know how to set up timer auto and see flawless one time picture! They usually love to joke and chitchat with us. I learn alot from them than at my home!