Pics of you - Part V


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I put on my sons ear buds (or whatever you call 'em) one day (as a joke).....when he came home from school, he looked at me....:shock:....I said...."do you really listen to all this crap?"....

My mom still doesn't believe my Dr. when he says listening to loud music on my Walkman did not contribute to my Menieres. :giggle:


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o god im gone for a few hours and a riot damn near breaks out.... -_-. To clear things up im profoundly deaf and i have a ci. The ear buds are sound cancellation headphones. I just crank my ipod onto full and listen to the bass/beat/w.e i can hear. I also know all the lyrics to the songs on my ipod so when the song plays i feel as if i can hear the words cus ive got them memorized. And as for the ear im implanted in. I leave the ear bud in so it doesn't hit me in the eye when i jump.

.....yes im just that cool ya'll. And please guys refrain from pinching me -_-


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Chinese New Year - the Dragon Parade


Excuse me, but does that sign in the background say "Fang Wang Backrub & Footrub"?

A wang with a fang doesn't sound very pleasant.....if you know what I mean....



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Me and Stone Cold Steve Austin back in 2000...I was 23..SCSA is a cool cat

Me and George the animal Steele also in 2000...what a great summer

Met SCSA at Ohio State Fairgrounds and met The Animal at old Columbus Clippers stadium


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New and this is a test of my emergency brain dysfunction attempt and hope is correct!

Just a first time post, joined site today and could not get past pasting url...but not sure I have one available to do home page. Hello all and hope this day is a fresh start for everyone also.


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The make up artist thought it was so cool that we actually had the photo with us of when we were kids. She did her best to make an exact duplicate of the same pattern.

My parents got a kick out of it - and the kids thought it was funny too ;)