Pics of you - Part IV

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Jiro on Friday Night - - Scroll down

Jiro on Saturday Night

Jiro on Sunday Morning (holla holla.... I got eight dolla) :rofl2:



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whoa, what a lotta snow, Bott! You look very protected and cozy though.

enjoying the pic.'s.... :)
It is a lot of snow. But I need exercise. I have just ordered a reflective cane in hopes the drivers will see me better and not run me down.

My daughter keeps walking too far into the street to try to protect me.


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well, I sure hope that cane does the job!

oh, maybe your daughter can wear some reflective clothing or carry flashing lights when you and she are out. When my hubby rode the bus to and from work he bought handheld flashing lights and put some velcro on them and on his coat so he could wear them when he was out in the dark.
Are you able to get together with your daughter often? My mom and I are friends and like to do things together.
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