Online Fitness Classes - HOH and Deaf Accessible


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Hey everyone! I could really use your help/feedback.
I’m starting up an online fitness business and have decided to offer online classes (live and pre-recorded) that are geared towards the hard of hearing and deaf community. Following is what I’ll be doing to make the classes more accessible:
ASL translation for pre-recorded classes
Live captions for online live and pre-recorded classes
Very basic sign (I’m just learning)
Lots of visual cueing
Signs and posters for extra info
A decent sound system for optimal clarity
Do you have any other suggestions on what I should add to make it better? Anything else I should consider?
Thank you!


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I know that Camp Gladiator here in Houston has a Deaf Group /Trainer who does a class online .. Everything is online except a few group sessions. Its almost impossible to get to .. :(


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That’s awesome that they have a class like that in Houston. It doesn’t seem like there is much up here in Ottawa, Canada but I could be wrong.