Old way to cope with allergy

Jane B.

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It occurred to me this morning some of us old timers may still have an old fashioned way of coping with allergy drainage! Do you still have some handkies, also known as handkerchiefs, around? If you run out of tissues, dig the hankies out and use them as being cloth they can be washed and reused.


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Tissue I seem to always be able to find but toilet paper is another matter. Thankfully my allergies aren't a runny nose but my breathing is impacted and I have chest pains early AM and late PM. It's been one thing after another with this virus shutting everything down. My parents can't get into seeing their doctor and my mother in particular is in pain. My car has a recall on it from Toyota and needs a new muffler, my TV died the first week in, today my hearing aid died and there's not one damn model for the left ear that works from all the old hearing aids I kept. I just hope my computer isn't next or one of my parents needs to go to the hospital....

My hearing aid is out of warranty now so this will $$$ and I'm looking hard at a Costco Phonak as a back up. With everything going on, I'm actually surprised my allergies are still somewhat under control: I've used Flornase, Claritin, now Allegra - but what works best is tea twice a day and honey. Sometimes I take a spoon full of honey and squeeze lemon in it (my grandmother taught me that one). In fact, drinking water with lemon helps too.....I wonder when I'll be able to see an Allergist when everything opens up...has anyone thought about how hard it might be to get a doctor's appointment when they're allowed to open and all the people that need to see them? Very scary......