Nun... and the Priest?!


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Priest, Nun Convicted After 'Sex Act' in Car

BLANTYRE, Malawi (Reuters) - A Malawian court convicted a Catholic priest and a nun of disorderly conduct Thursday after they were caught engaged in a sexual act in a parked car with tinted windows.

The Malawian priest, 43, and the 26-year-old nun from neighboring Zambia spent the night in police cells after being caught in the act Wednesday, police said.

A court in the capital Lilongwe handed down suspended jail sentences of six months with hard labor after the pair pleaded guilty to charges of idleness and disorderly conduct.

"These people were caught in a sex act," Assistant Superintendent Kelvin Maigwa told Reuters.

Officials in the Roman Catholic Church, whose priests are barred from sex or marriage, declined to comment.

Passers by alerted police at Lilongwe International Airport after the parked Toyota Corolla, which had tinted windows, began shaking in what police described as "a funny manner."

08/03/04 08:22

:rofl: :rofl: :rofl: They are not that innocent as we thought they would be?! :shock: :gossip:


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yah! i know they cannot resist the sexually activity?! :rofl: they should be committing til the marriage because they did say so themselves! shee, thats so low of them!
aren't they? :dunno:


ya all blamin the nun??
it could be the damn priest, raping her! LOL!
just kidddinngg, folks......


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haha yeaa i know! i found that hilarious for "out of blue" jokes that i hadnt heard of or seen like this b4, :mrgreen: :rofl: i like that. kinda irony for themselves as bein nun n priest... :rolleyes:
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