not sure if i count? but hello!


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hi everyone, please feel free to call me felix or witch - he/they, 18 almost 19, and pursuing my history major. i'm autistic and one of my autistic traits is problems with auditory processing. maybe i'd be diagnosed with APD but that wasn't tested for, haha. i don't have any hearing loss, but auditory processing issues still make it very tricky to communicate with other people verbally, and i pretty much need subtitles if i want to know what's going on when i watch things. i intend to try learning ASL in order to help with face-to-face conversation.

like the title says, i'm not really sure if i should call myself hard of hearing or claim to be a part of the Deaf community, and i was hoping that by talking to people in the community i could at the very least get some clarification and opinions from people who know more about these things than i do. either way, it's very nice to meet you all!

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Far be it for me to say ya or na, I still hear some sound but can only understand, hum about 1/3 maybe 1/4, of spoken language, I called myself hard of hearing and hearing aids give me environmental sound but not of of spoken word, so I finely excepted deaf, so, anyway that's your journey, I can't speak for all here, but anyone that wants to learn sign is welcome aboard. It helps us all :welcome: