Norwegian HoH

yes, that`s why i`m looking for a another HoH... I want to get to know a person who enjoy being with people regardless they are deaf or hearing...
i`m living with the hearing part of the society... once in a while I do meet other deaf people, but that is not more than once or twice in a month...
my job is in a normal hearing society...

I am glad to read this and I hope that you are content with that aspect of your life!


dogmom: hehe.. no problem...

I do hope there are people here that would contact me eventually as this is what I am here for... maybe this is better in another topic in here to find anyone who might be interested??


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Last November, during the rain I took a cab from Oslo Centralstasjon to Aker Brygge and walked to the end of Brygge, and I sure did enjoy the scent from Oslofjord.


I'd like to visit Oslo, Norway again someday.


I wanted to come for a writer in residence, there in Bergen, but could not leave my mom alone for 3 whole months (I take care of her). Anyway, I guess soon or late I may come there to find some inspiration in the cold & clouds. By the way, women must be tall there.... that's cute :)


Audist are not welcome
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Welcome! My best friend's (she is deaf) brother-in-law and his family lives in Norway. She is hoping to go there this summer.


:) I got no other plans than skydiving where I live... so do not hestitate to cantact me in case you come to Norway... :) always fun te meet people...