No being gay is not a choice.


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If it was a choice gay people wouldn't be in the closet about it out of shame. Why would someone be ashamed of something that is their own decision?


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I've tried this argument with people. It never works. It's mostly religious people, because if God made people gay, but then condemned people for being gay then God would have made a mistake, or God was just cruel. So to believe that being gay is not a choice makes them question their beliefs. And it's easier to just believe what they want than to question religion.


and why do you care ? , the other people, religious or not , have the right to agree or disagree with your life style, orientation or whatever. You don’t have to explain yourself and others do t have to approve or disapprove, as long as you respect other people’s freedom, and what you are doing is legal .... just be and let be


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The problem with that as many LGBT can attest is that the religious people/'bible thumpers' try to actually cram that ideology down other people's throat. The aim is to get them to stop doing that.. it's fine they want to believe that but don't force it on other people (apparently some also scream there's a "Gay Agenda"-- pfft). I'm all for live and let live but I also don't like the idea of 'tolerating intolerance'.


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It is not that we care so much about what they believe it is about the fact that they try to shove their beliefs down our throats. I am a christian but I am also bisexual. Do you know how often I hear the argument that there is no way I could be a true christian and still be bi? Do you have any idea how often I hear the argument that bisexuals are just confused and are actually straight people trying to be *cool* by liking the opposite sex? The only reason why I am bisexual is because being gay seems to be the in thing to do? Trust me, there is nothing about a choice to this. We are who we are and instead of preaching to tolerate intolerance. We should be preaching tolerance and acceptance to all. It is my belief that we should just love one another no matter what a bible says about how it is an abomination for man to lie with man. God also taught to love one another and no judging. I believe that as long as what someone else is doing isnt hurting me, to live and let live. Preach acceptance and love, not to look the other way when injustice is done.


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My bf was straight until he met me. The connection level we have with each other got so strong that he told me he’ll be gay only for me. It completely resonated with a fictional gay storyline I watched on YouTube in 2009 - about a German soap opera called Verbotene Liebe (Forbidden Love) and a gay couple in that show .... Christian and Oliver. Christian was straight until he met Oliver and he just fell in love with Oliver. When they broke up, Christian went back to being straight again. Last I heard, when the actor who played Oliver left the show, the last storyline was when Oliver got a phone call abt Christian after they broke up. Presumably they got back together.
So, technically ANY two consenting adults can fall in love with each other, regardless of sex or sexual orientation.


Society has managed to marginalize certain persons who do not hold the same path. There were quite a few decades ago who would be persecuted and beaten when teachers were not around. Then excluded from any activity socially. The problems began when what happens in the bedroom does not stay in there since about the 70's on. Religion is a impossible situation in both Doctrine and Word of God. He would not say that certain acts are a offense and then say that you can do these acts in his sight. It does not work that way. However you have your life and are free to live that life as long you have it. Problems begin when you run into conflict and certain actions from those who are opposite some choices you make in life. I myself don't worry about it being straight, however I have friends who are not and they have to live their life the way they decided to, for better or worse. Im pretty sure Religion would not be a big part of their choices in life. You don't keep burning your hand touching a hot stove over and over again.

Part of the mess started back in the 80's when the State failed to include a course of education in health a overall word for more precisely sex education. So what the teens do? Learn from each other. *Shrugs. Many years later I learned the State finally established a course of health at the deaf school, however the damage was done long before. The other polar source of tension and conflict would be Religion. Whatever form it took. It would be up to anyone to decide for themselves if it is a conflict or not applicable at all to their daily living. Therefore everything is a choice. There are some who do not get to choose because they are that way. After a certain age it does not matter much.

Finally but not least, the only conflict I have is essentially the Instruction at the Schoolhouse that describes that type of living way down towards say the 2nd or 3rd grade children. For the most part thats very damaging. Because children do not yet have that development yet which will come later into the early teen years. That would be the time to sort it out then. Not when they are children and do not know what sex is in any form. Now some will say that this paragraph is old fashioned. That is probably true. However when a State anywhere in the USA has gone from failing to instruction of human biology and to the opposite extreme of forcing new thoughts down the minds of the very young who are not in a position to understand any of it in a few decades, then it's no wonder we have trouble in that early childhood population.

That is about as far as I will take this topic. To get into any more finer details or additional thoughts for or against would generate not just a can of worms but more likely a bucket of rattlesnakes. And it will be impossible to reach any kind of understanding any more than what is already stated. Ive already seen both types of society in the deaf school dorms when a small number engaged (Both girls and boys) in that particular kind of activity for themselves and the rest remained traditional in man-woman relationships. However its not so many because you also had certain staffers who worked behind the scenes to encourage that kind of revolution back in the 70's and 80s to bring about the situation we have today. As they say the cats out of the bag. And you will never put that back.