**News Flash!!** Major Post Barrier...


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**News Flash!!**


--Official 'Vampy did it' thread--
aka VamPyroX​

Read and weep folks, the 20,000 Posts Barrier has been broken--it took a few years to achieve the remarkable feat. The accumulation of lonnggg hours posting away during all hours of the day and night, mostly during nighttimes.

This calls for a dedication speech.... :cool:

Also, for all those who may already have congratulated him in any other thread, you can do so again in this thread, this thread will remain 'sticky' for the time being.

This demands our attention and we each can think of what 20,000 means (besides 20,000 posts)...and do so with humor. ;)

Lastly, my hat's off to you man, you've done well and continue to do well, best wishes in all your endeavors and many more wonderful times (years) here in Alldeaf. It's with great pleasure and honor to work alongside with you man. You're definitely one cool guy in my book!!

Congratulations and continue to make a difference here in AD...perhaps break some more barriers too-- ;) :applause: :applause:

*ahems* Now now...get busy with the 'dedication speech' man...that's one 'post' you cannot turn away from!! :lol:



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!!!!!!!!!!!!!!HIP HIP HOORAY HIP HIP HOORAY HIP HIP HOORAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

We're lucky to have him here. He does make me laugh for sure;):):)

Vampy is cool! Definitely a friend when in need and someone who will always make you smile. God bless Him;):):):):)


Phillips:dance2: :applause::):)


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Holy merde.... 20,000 pharts?!?!?!? Dang kidding, Vampy.. congrats man on postwhoring on 20,000 posts and more to come... wow man... who is next for 20,000 I wonder?? LOL