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Thanks Mew!!!! I'm so glad I asked. hahaha that would have driven me crazy otherwise. Now I know I just need to dive in. :)


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New 2 alldeaf I might lose my hearing so I hope U guys can accept me hearing or deaf

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Hi, I'm new to this site and just want to make new friends and not totally sure how this site works :)

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I am new to this kind of thread conversation, I'm late deafened, late 40's and used to feel tech savvy, but is ther someone who can teach me the basics of how to use this site? I'm apparently way behind in the times. How did that happen, oh yeah, motherhood and significant hearing loss keeps you too busy trying to function, to keep up on the ever changing technology. Is ther a place on this site I can find people who live in my area to connect with in person, too? Any guidance would be greatly appreciated.

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Hi everyone. My name is Michelle and I'm trying to learn asl because I want to be an interpreter. I work at a grocery store and there are multiple deaf families that I would just love to talk to. It has always been a dream of mine to speak asl. If someone could help me that would be fantastic!

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I am currently in 3-4 year for ASL. My name is Cindy by the way and I would like to meet new friends on here. Also, is it wierd that I'm not deaf?

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Haha same here by the way names Michele as well :)

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But in the marriage and dating section you posted a thread that says your name is Nicole.... :hmm: Me thinks you're already off to a bad start. :squint: We're Deaf, not retarded... quite the opposite... we're actually usually way more intelligent. Yup, I said it. :squint:

Here ya go, pal... In case you forget your name again. :roll:

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Anyone want to chat
Hey my names Nicole and just wondering if anyone wanted to chat

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my intro: Anne in Canada

Hi everyone;

I'm Anne, living in Canada, hearing.

I'm a teacher and medical researcher who's always been interested in the Deaf culture/community and want to learn more. I'm starting to learn ASL. I've given lectures about the ethics of cochlear implants and I understand well (I think) the objections of the Deaf community (I feel the same as well).

I'm hoping to be able to teach in a school for the Deaf in the somewhat near future - need to get my ASL much better first though.

Thank you for letting me learn more through this hi I am student studing ASL and need some practice