Newbie Here, What's Up? (Alberta, Canada)


New Member
Hello! I'm new here, and you guys can call me Chrysalyos (or Chry, or whatever really lol). I'm from Northern Alberta, Canada.

I'm 22 years old, usually a girl, and I'm hearing but also starting to get concerned about my ears, so that's fun. I'm only just barely starting to try learning ASL, but I'm worried about picking a crappy resource and learning stuff wrong. Currently most things I've read suggest taking a class, but most of the ones in my area are a weekend class that costs a shit ton for like 8 hours of learning with a hearing prof. I've been slowly reading through some of the stuff on Lifeprint, but if anyone has recommendations lmk.

On one hand, I'd like to study ASL by myself until I can at least introduce myself like a person, but on the other hand I'm afraid of making mistakes I have to unlearn later.

If anyone cares to chat about whatever, feel free to message me! ASL or just random stuff!