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Hi. I am Amy. I have a severe hearing loss that was a result of strong antibiotics and steriods when I was 5 yo. I had reflux and many a kidney infections w/ a bladder on the verge of collasping.

I am a working professional w/ a masters. I am in the hearing world w/ no friends in the hearing impaired world. I am in Detroit, Mich. I really want to get to know this site as well as the members. I want to talk about my disability. I need to learn how to deal w/ ignorance and plain old stupdity. People around me do not understand the full meaning of being hearing impaired/deaf. My marriage even failed partly because of my disability. I am tired of being told to talk quieter. That really peeves me big time! And I always asked my now exhusband to repeat his mumbling words and got yelled at for it. If I hear 'turn them up' one more time, I'll be in prison for murdering that person. I so dearly want a friend who understands my woe's and challenges.

My marriage lasted 5 years. My son just turned 4 and my daughter, 2.5 - - both hearing but my son can read lips, it's so cool!! I wear high power CIC's in each ear. Starkey is the first and only company that makes these CICs and I highly recommend them.

Anyway, thanks for reading if you got this far.


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Hi and welcome! I am sorry that you are having a hard time. I grew up without deaf friends so I know how you feel. This is a great place to learn and meet people! :)


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Welcome, Newidme. I admire your strength shining through your troubles.

You'll find great support here. Even though some may try to change your idea that deafness is a "disability," none can argue it's brought some challenges into your life.

Hope to see you when you can squeeze us into a break or two.


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A little more about me

Thanks all. I thought to share more. My sister who's 4 yrs older has a severe hearing loss, too. Her hearing is a bit worse than mine. She went to Madonna, a 'deaf' school here in Michigan and got her degree in accounting. She know's all the ASL and has friends who can not hear. Her husband and 3 children are all hearing. She works for my mom who owns a mastectomy boutique. My brother is 2 years older than me and he has a mild hearing loss. He dropped out of college because "I can't hear". I think he used that as an excuse. But the hearing loss affects people differently. He works in a print shop running the machines. My sister was born w/ her loss because she didn't start talking until 3 yo. My brother got his when he had a severe allergic reaction to the polio vaccine. I got mine at 5 yo when they injected a strong steriod and strong antibiotic into me because I had real bad bladder which caused kidney infections all the time. I had so many bad experiences all through my school years because of my hearing. :rl: It wasn't until College did I make friends w/ teachers. It bothered me since day one in kindergarden that teachers think us hoh/deaf folks don't know much and need to be told how to do everything. And when we voice something, we are not believed. Ok, that's enough for now. Hope I didn't bore you.


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:welcome: to AllDeaf forum. I understand your feelings. I had trouble trying to understand in mainstream elementary school and mainstream high school (no interpreters and no notetakers or any special devices for the Deaf and Hard of Hearing). Also it is and was a struggle going through the hearing world trying to understand them. I am married to my hearing husband and he think that hearing aid will help me hear him words but I told him that it is not true, because I could not pick up the words only that I can hear with my hearing aid that he repeat the words or the sentences over and over that I could tell the sound when I am not lipreading him. I keep telling him that I am Deaf no matter if I have hearing aid or not. I have been deaf/Deaf since birth. So you are not alone and there are a lot of us Deafies who have gone through the same thing that you have gone through. I just hope you enjoy reading and posting all the threads here. Have fun with us. See you around. :wave:


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Welcome to AllDeaf! :thumb:

I'm almost like you. I grew up in the hearing world. When I entered mainstreamed school with deaf kids who used sign language, it was a whole new experience for me. Yet, I still grew up in a hearing world with my family.

Now, I'm trying to get closer to the deaf world and it's hard nowadays because I'm stuck between the hearing and deaf world. I'm deaf, but not deaf enough. That's why I'm stuck. :(


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hello and welcome to if u ever want to talk im here. whats ur email addy? maybe we can chat... if ya ever need to hope the kiddies are doing well


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