New update regarding FCC User RegistrationDB


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Got this from ZVRS... Not looking so great...

[ame=] ZVRS[/ame]

Dear Valued Z Customer:

In 2013, in an effort to prevent fraud waste and abuse, the FCC began discussions to require VRS providers to collect the last four digits of our customer’s social security number as well as their date of birth in an effort to validate their identity. The FCC calls this the TRS User Registration Database (“URD”). While we, along with the other VRS providers have fought against this requirement, we have been unsuccessful in putting a stop to it. The FCC has recently selected a third party to begin the implementation of this URD. The FCC will soon be requiring all VRS companies, including ZVRS, to input the last 4 digits of our customer’s social security number as well as their date of birth into the URD.

In the coming weeks, you can expect to see an email from ZVRS with instructions guiding you through the process of providing ZVRS with your last 4 digits of your social security number and your date of birth. It’s very important you provide this information in a timely and accurate manner. Failure to give provide this information could result in you not being eligible to place VRS calls.

ZVRS is committed to ensuring your personal information is protected and held in a confidential manner. We will be required to share your personal information with the FCC’s User Registration Database, but will not be using this information for any reason other than to validate your identity. For more information regarding ZVRS’s privacy policy, please go to

Our goal is to make this process as painless as possible to you and we greatly appreciate your support with this effort. Once we have validated your identity, you should not be asked by us to validate it again.

Again, be on the lookout for emails from ZVRS with more information on this matter.

Kind Regards,
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Yeah, I logged on for the first time since I got a signmail about this, it doesn't feel right. I'm not comfortable about giving out my personal info to just about anybody.


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Another database to get hacked. Also, how are the planing to verify the info you give them? Does the fcc have access to ss information?


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The way system works, any service providers who asked for SS#, on their screen it only show the last 4 digits, it will not show the first 5 digits. Once that filled, I believe those encrypted 4 digits will be sent to 3rd party DB systems and to be checked if it is matched. Really the VRS doesn't hold all those information or stored in their VRS' DB.

Sadly that OPM with 21 million SSN being hacked and for sure it's out all over the internet and there's a possibility that GOV workers (many deaf people work there you know?) lost their personal information. So, the chance of your SSN maybe out there, so why complaining about VRS asking for SSN?

It's a mess out there today than back in the 60's.


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If customers won't give last 4-digist SSN and birthday to any VRS provider, they will disconnect it's VPs. Right?

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NexTalk ACCESS. It's a dedicated communication platform for deaf and hard of hearing. No SSN or birth dates required. All text and IP relay calls are encrypted.


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If customers won't give last 4-digist SSN and birthday to any VRS provider, they will disconnect it's VPs. Right?

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Every VRS make different rules. Some may cut them off right way, some may try to keep on convincing them, example..."hey if you give me your birth date, and you will get Ferrari on your birthday!!" (yeah right...)


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It really does not matter if one refuse to share their ssn, even last 4 digit of ssn, every identity in America have lost their security.
Its called time capsule, every information about yiu is on the internet, whether its encrypted or not, there are excellent chances that somebody has your information, they may not be able to crack the encryption, so solution to them is patience, archieve as much information and when they learn of bad bug in os version or whatever it is, those people will likely roll back their os version, knowing the bug, then open the archieve files, crack them though bad version of os, bam! Personal information exposed.
No matter how hard you want your identity to be protected.

Internet orignally began as sharing education resources, they never orignally intended used as money transactions, personal information over the net, the plm is too many people demand convience and bankers are looking to save money. The worst place to share info is over the net, but the damage is long ago done.
secondly,, ssn was never intended for bankers or private use, only govermnent transaction, but because bankers wanted save money by using ssn because they (banker) knew its almost impossible to change the ssn to get away with debts... it backfired.
The only solution is bankers needs to have their own security identification system, rather than depending on ssn.
Until changes and separation from ssn is made, we will continue experiencing explosive of identity thief cases.
So, VRS issues with last 4 digit of SSN is little of concern.
So, VRS issues with last 4 digit of SSN is little of concern.

The primary concern is for people living here in the US that are not full citizens yet. Without a SSN, they cannot register for VRS?

The TRS fund isn't a tax directly on US citizens. It is a FCC mandated contribution that carriers must pay into based on the size of their customer base. Carriers pass this charge onto their hearing customers as a small "fee" on their telephone bills.

This is also about ADA access for non-citizens here in the US.

There is a guaranteed equal employment opportunity for foreign workers working domestically here:


"Individuals who are employed in the United States(82) are protected by the EEO statutes regardless of their citizenship or immigration status.(83) The EEO statutes do not protect non-citizens employed outside the United States."

This is also a fun read:

There are many people living in the US that don't have a social security number. Should they be able to obtain ADA mandated functionally equivalent communications services through TRS funded means?