New to the deaf community but not really.


Hello, my name is Juno, I recently had it confirmed that I'm hard of hearing after a long time of speculating. I'm actually not all that new to the deaf community though. From the time I was little I was always obsessed with asl, I thought it was a beautiful language and even as a 7 year old I knew a few signs that I read from a book. When I was a freshman in high school I was introduced to the deaf community thanks to a magnet deaf program that allowed all the deaf and hard of hearing students from the county to go to my school and be provided with interpreters. I immediately started learning asl more in depth once I became friends with some of those students.

Knowing what I knew about hearing loss and what my friends told me about being deaf/hard of hearing I began to notice my hearing slowly degrading. I looked for every possible option besides that my hearing was really going, like that I just wasn't paying attention enough, or that I had a disorder that limited my ability to understand people. I knew about deaf culture and what world could be opened up to me if I accepted that I was losing my hearing, and a part of me was excited about it, but the thing is, is that I'm a singer, and I love music and I know some of you might never understand what it's like to lose something like music in that way, but I'm a little scared of whats to come. I'm still not sure if my hearing will get any worse and I have a doctors appointment coming up that will help to diagnose why my hearing is going, so I decided to make an account here and see where it takes me.