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Hi i am 47 and have been deaf for 30 yrs,i wont go into details on how,nobody believes it,anyway i have about 10 to 15% of hearing and wear hearing aids and lip read,i have lots of issue's,i am from the uk not sure if this is uk based. 1 i hate EU regs,they dont give a toss about deaf people,in the 1990's i could listen to music via mdr-10a headphones and a discman. now with eu regs and mp3 players i cant. i need to get around eu laws,but i cannot find a way to import american models amazon wont ebay costs a fortune. i love music and want to listen to it again ,i tried hearing aid shoe but sound was rubbish(waste of £60)my hearing has not changed i love music,but have not listened to any in 20 rs please help


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Welcome :wave:

Most users are in the US but there are quite a few international folks on her too. Everyone is long as they follow the posted rules.

I don't have any ideas other than, if you are technically inclined, to try to build your own amplifier unit that lets you go louder. I have look at that myself because nothing is loud enough for me. I'm not an electrical engineer though so I don't really know what I might need to create something like that.

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Good luck! Be patient some one will come to your rescue maybe that Finish girl can help, or Auzie now Finish :bye: I still feel the vib but given up on the words gone to sign sing:ily:


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well mdr-a10 headphones still work for me with either a sont phones ,boosted with an app,or switching off the regs on an mp3 players,BUT only with the late 80's and early 90's headband in ear headphones like the mdr-a10's just bought 2 which cost me £60 about $80. and still work fine for me,my hearing loss is moderate borderline severe to profound nerve deafness. So if anyone has similar loss or less the same stuff might help them too.