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Major PlayStation 2 Changes
Now that the next generation is completely under way, most advertising muscle and consumer interest will turn to the PS3 and its competition. This new environment will force into practice a number of PS2 adjustments to help keep it high on console sales charts.

The most obvious alteration will be the Slim PlayStation 2's suggested retail price -- it will fall to a very affordable $100. Games will drop too, with almost every new piece of software costing between $9.99 and $39.99 by autumn. Sony will try to market to existing PS2 owners and girls as well, by introducing themed systems similar to the boxes available in Japan. Pink, Blue, Powder Blue, Alien Green, Gold, and various other colors will hit the market just in time for Christmas, while controllers and memory cards stock shelves to match.

You too could own a pink PS2 in the next 12 months.

Oh, and if Sony gets really aggressive, expect to see $25 to $50-off coupons towards a PlayStation 3 as an extra promotional bonus.


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Kewl lol :lol: but I never like pink ewwww :barf: lol .. It would be nice like umm Blue or Orange or yellow or else it would be nice ? lol :lol: haha

Like this one


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orginal design has been long dead so...the slim design is alot easier to manufacture now, in my opinon...I wouldnt be suprised about the PS2's price dropping to $100 for the next holiday season lol but last year I believe EVERYONE has already got it lol since $130 is still pretty much affordable anyway.

With the PS3 already out, the pricing on the PS2 and the PS2 games are getting lower and lower which is a good thing for anyone who already owns a PS2. :P

prices between $10 and $40 is a very fantastic deal for most PS2 games.


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Heh! Please don't assume it... :p :lol:

I don't like pink either, Steel. :) I like black with a glossy touch just like a PS3! :)


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Yeah, probably older women like you does not like pink. Same for my wife.

For younger girls want pink. Same for my daughter who is crazy over pink and purple.

Yeah it would be nice for younger girls like think pink from barbie something like that :)..Yeah but still there some woman like color pink :).

When I was younger kid that I like color pink till stopped and hate pink when I was 6 yrs old :)

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You know whats weird? I dont think we proably would see any PS3s in other colors than black for a very long time since they are having production issues due to blu-ray and cell processors lol


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I like yellow verison , it wld look nice on my tv set.

I dont play ps2 games anymore but use it as dvd player as it s very convient to move it around.