new law?


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my husband always go with me for interpreter. i just went to a Dr about my leg. we discussed and there was knock on door. there was nurse with woman who is interpreter. how she know i am deaf, i don't know. she mentioned to us and dr that there is law that they suppose to call for interpreter whenever there's deaf. i was shocked. who called it a law for interpreter, i didn't ask for one and how dare she enter and interrupt us. i told her i already had an interpreter. she's left. so from now on i told front that i have interpreter so they don't call any. is there law that they have to call interpreter ???


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My understanding is that it has been around for several years that they have to offer one. Not that they have to have one without asking you first.
never had an office or hospital offer one yet... been going nearly monthly for spinal injections and mappings.

Jane B.

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I don't have to go to even my primary doctor very often but have had changes at the clinic I use and have been asked. I would not expect it over and over once you are and established patient though.


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Lemur, that's normal. At least your office is paying attention to your needs. That's good. Sometimes I forget to request for terp, but they always offer terp. If you have a medical insurance, you write up your request for terp, medical office will look up your file. That goes for people who don't speak English language other than Spanish, French, etc.