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Bob L.

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Any advice on hearing implants, The VA says I qualify. Hearing aids don't help much anymore. Any veterans on here that have had them done at the VA hosp?


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Hello and welcome! I don't have CI's myself but I know a few folk with them and it's a mixed reception. Some benefit from CI's but other people not so much. A deafblind friend of mine said she had a love hate relationship with her CI as she used it to listen to her dad and to talking books but it made her vertigo worse.

Nita Thomas

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It's controversial. Depending on how long you have been deaf. If deafness was caused from your time in the service, that may be your best bet. Some people are very happy with them, however, ask if they need to be replaced regularly and what is involved. It will, however, take away your disability if the deafness is all of it -- If you have been deaf for a long time, the CI may cause too much sound for you to handle.