New Friends: ASL and Hard of Hearing 2020


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Greeting Deaf Communities of all ages,

My name is Gabriela, I am deaf and hard of hearing, wearing my right ear with cochlear implant when I was six years old. To be honest. I went to T.H. Rogers School and due my curiosity for deaf cultures. ASL is well known that everybody want to learn and sign it their hands to communicate each others to deaf and hard of hearing to understanding what we are talking about it. Secondly, I want to make new friends for the future during difficult times. However, I like to draw my pictures with my favorite anime shows and cartoons shows from movie, books, and live theatre, and YouTuber for most the my free time, and I am artist and video gamer to make me creative new ways to fix our problems. This is reasons, I am here to look for new friends for new paths. Thanks for listening me! :) Stay well and wear your mask from COVID-19!

PS: No cussing, swearing, hatred, and even worst of all racism on the platform. Thanks again!;)