New colombian guy here!


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hello everybody!

after years to looking for a connection with person with hearing aid, sincerely this is the first web site where i see can meet a lot of people.

About me: am from Colombia, 27 years old (yesterday was my birthday lol), moved to Orlando, Florida in 2002. i have i severe loss in both of my ear, and currently using a aid in my right ear.

i didn't born with this problem, when i were 12 years i started to loss my audition. I am really want to get a operation not the cochlear implant, I Google a new operation that is called esteem implant look pretty cool, but in some blog people said it no work for severe loss persons. is that true? well in now days is a lot of hope on getting a operation inside of your ear can be possible.

well hope to know a lot o people here hopeful who live in Orlando, to hang out or meet social groups.


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Hi and welcome. I used to live in Palm Bay, but in North Carolina now. I do not know anything about the surgeries, sorry. Someone on here is bound to.


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Welcome :wave: Do you know sign language or learning it? You mentioned hearing loss at age 12.