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trying to add sound information through stimulation of arms (through a device on the arm linked to the sound processor) or other neural input areas. i don't discount the possibility, but cannot see how it would work.


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I have added a phonak hearing aid with the implant (implant in right ear and ha in left). though the ha does not provide clear sound, it improves the overall sound so that hearing is clearer. the ha is geared to the sound processor so they share sound.
I wear phonak aid in my left ear as well. My hubby felt I should only do my right ear first in CI then do the left ear. I thought of doing the bi lateral both at the same time.


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Yes, my name is sebastien and am a CI / N22 recipient for 25 full years from Spectra to Nucleus 6 processor. They developed / released Esprit, 3G, Freedom, N5, N6, and now the N7 processors. I still have difficulty for understanding speeches / conversations in noisy environment no matter how much they improve / upgrade the processors. I don't think we are as good / competitive as HA recipients for understanding two people talking at once. I never heard of electro-haptic enhancement until 6/1/2020 and hope they can improve them to the max.
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If I'm understanding this correctly, they are using existing technology. There are companies that make sound awareness wrist bands or belts for Deaf/HH people that vibrate when sounds are nearby (Https:// It seems they are combining this with CI use and that supposedly improves speech in noise.

I have never tried one of those wrist band so don't know how well they work - expensive. No CI either.

Interesting idea. I haven't seen any devices claiming sensitive enough to pickup speech. They all seem to target bigger noise like cars or alarms.