Negligence of the Act


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I have realized that many restaurants have neglected the ADA for their deaf customers. It is required that restaurants avoid any possible communication barriers. This is oftentimes overlooked. As a server and host, I have noticed that often times nothing is provided for deaf customers. No interpreters, no signing.


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You can't expect all restaurants to have interpreters on standby at all times.

Reasonable accommodations is pointing at the menu what you want to order or write on paper any questions you have or if they need to ask you anything.

I rarely have problems just by pointing at the menu.


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Or just text on the cellphone. Actually, workers like it better because they have trouble hearing customers in the noisy background!


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As stated by above... it's not worth for restaurants to provide interpreters if they have very few Deaf customers. Most of the time Deaf people have no problems ordering something on the menu... unless the waitress is impatient or had an attitude and the manager won't solve the problem then that's the issue... I wouldn't come back to that place again if it happens to me.

I've had few waitress that knows basic signs or signs alphabetically which is cool and makes the ordering much easier.


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I would imagine the amount of time you would have to wait to get an interpreter to the location on short notice wouldn't be worth the effort. By the time they got there you could have ordered, eaten, had dessert, then coffee, then gotten bored and ordered more coffee. Seems like it would be a lot more effort than just pointing.