Need your Help !! Vote for Kurt * Today * Central Time at 12pm


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VOTE KURT RAMBORGER MARCH 1, to MARCH 2 (EST 1pm to 1pm) (CST 12pm to 12pm) (MST 11am to 11am) (PST 10am to 10am) PLEASE CONTACT HEARING FRIENDS, FAMILIES, LIBRARY, DEAF SCHOOL, COLLEGE, UNIVERSITY, GROUP HOME, NEIGHBOR (to take only 30 second to 1 min) TO TYPE EATER.COM then find KURT RAMBORGER and VOTING just ONCE DO IT FIRE FOR ONLY 24 hours —!/photo.php?v=3419530245671&set=vb.1192592107&type=2&theater

:ty: Thanks for your Support Deaf Chef to recongize him !!!


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Yes, voted once and will vote two more times today because there are three adults in my household.