Need help learning proper ASL grammar/syntax



I've been learning about deaf culture and signs for over a year now, and like I'm sure any person would suggest when learning sign language of any kind, I pursued the DHH community and made a lot of friends along the way.

But, because of the fact that my community has a majority of HOH people rather than fully deaf, when I started learning(on the amazing site, I ended up falling into the habit of using SEE.

Now that I've made it my ultimate goal to become an interpreter I know I'm going to have to learn proper ASL, but I'm having some trouble getting it and I want to practise it.

I've been attempting to learn by watching song covers from deaf people or interpreters, but are there any tips and tricks that I might be able to try to remember(besides lots and lots of practise!!) or do you think that it'll help by doing what I'm doing now.