Need Help/Advice Osia Bone Conduction/CI Implant


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Hello everyone! My first post on the forum. Was sent over by a friend I had met while at my 1st Auidoloigist appointment.

So my brief history. I'm 32 years old. I've had SSD since birth. We actually don't know why I'm deaf we just know I've been deaf since I've been born.

Fast forward to today. I've seen my audiologist a few times now for consideration of getting either the Osia Bone Conduction surgery or a CI implant. From what I've been told my insurance will not cover my CI implant. So I'd be paying out of pocket. Osia insurance would cover. Now while I'm not concerned about the cost either way I am concerned about the choice I should make and this is where I need help.

I've been told a CI for me would be a situation where I'd be fighting the odds due to how long I've been Deaf. Age Etc. They said they would aim for "environmental sounds" Which from what I'm being told this could mean I might not be able to understand words from the CI? I'm unsure what that level of hearing means. My main goal is to improve my hearing overall. I'm tired of making sure people aren't sitting on "my bad side" or my friends and family thinking I'm ignoring them. Especially my kids. So no matter what I'm doing something about my hearing.

This is where the Osia comes into play. From what they are telling me it will work. Mainly since it uses the hearing I already have in my good ear. ( Which is perfect )

So my question to everyone is how does bone conduction sound overall? Do air hearing aids sound better or overtime will they sound good to me? Sound quality is most important to me since my hearing ear I have works so well, to begin with. Streaming music into my implant sounds like a dream come true tbh. Being able to listen to music and still hear someone when they come up to talk to me.

What would you do? If cost didn't matter. Would you fight the odds and aim for the CI? ( About a 5-100 chance ) Or would you get what's been told would work for sure. Bone conduction.

I'd like to be able to enjoy music. Understand words. Overall hear more of my surroundings. The big reason I wanted CI was so I can learn to be able to track sound. Actually follow sound direction vs have no idea where it's coming from. It's a hard choice for me and I need any advice anyone could give me. Thank you!