N5 Cochear implant How long does batteries last until they are dead?


I am planning to travel on my vacation this summer for 8 weeks. I prefer to use batteries instead of the charge. I have my Nucleus 5 Cochlear Implant.

Before receiving N5, I can't remember what my old cochlear implant is (Maybe 4g EGrit). I can't spell it, anyway. 4G EgGrit needs 3 batteries, and survive for one week until batteries are dead.

In short time, wearing my N5, I used 2 batteries, and they survive for a few days until they are dead. I currently use the charge in which I can save my money not to buy more batteries.

If anyone who have N5 use batteries (not use the charge), how long do batteries last until they are dead?


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It does depend on your map and internal implant, the older the internal implant the more they drain the battery, the environment, the noise you will face, how long you wear your processor per day, I would take at least 10 blister packets of 6 batteries (2 for every 2 days plus spare)

I use N5 (freedom implant) I use the blister pack batteries more than rechargeable because the rechargeable only lasts me 2 days where as the blister packet ones lasts me 3-4 days, I only use rechargeable when I am racing on the boat.


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I get 'days' ( 3 or 4 ) out of the zinc air batteries , and usually about 18~24 hours out of the rechargeable.

Also worth of note , is that the n5 water resistance rating is only valid with the rechargeable.


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Disposable batteries: the Power Ones I use will last about 2 days on average per CI.

If I listen to a lot of music or noise, it is shortened by about 5 hours.

If you are getting more than 3 days out of a set of batteries, you are doing well.


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disposable batteries using power ones will last me 3 days

rechargable large batteries will last me 16 hours or a full day

rechargeable compact batteries last me about 12 hours.

Never heard of listening to music shorting the battery life.