My Woman


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My Woman

Nothing will take away the feelings I have for you
the times we have spent together so far
no matter how high we may soar upon a star
the brillance of our love will forever shine
even through dark times
no matter the number of dimes
we spent for our pleasing moments​

you're my woman
forever to keep
together awake and when we're asleep
our days fulfilled
our love is strong
like any beautiful song
forever dancing on clouds​

nothing will ever change the love I hold for you
as you're mine
so gracious, happy to find
so beautiful, awesome
the woman of my heart, forever stays here
no thoughts of losing you, nor fear
cuz my love for you is true...always will be.​


created for Angel, my wife
(edited: 8/20/07)
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Beautiful poem, always. You now been married for a month and a half. Beautiful wedding!! Dave and I had fun at your wedding.


Cuddly bear
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Very nice poem, RR. You have got some talents for writing poems. I am sure that angel will love that. ;)