My Wife Is In The Hospital


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My wife is in the hospital and she had phenomena in her right lung. It's cleared up and she's still showing a high elevation of her white blood count. So they're trying to track down the source of the infection so that can be eliminated.

I just got home, the hospital was kind enough to give me a taxi voucher for me to get home and a couple of gas cards for me to use since I am broke due to the fact my unemployment voucher ran out in April 3rd.

I'm gonna clean up and get gas for my car from the gas cards and head back to the hospital tonight.

My wife woke me up Tuesday morning (strobe light attached to the remote thingy for her to use to wake me) and she looked blue on her skin and I called 911. Her SO2 was at 50% (breathing) and they took her to the hospital with me riding with them.

Her S02 is back up to 95% (pref at 95% to 100%), but still showing signs of infection in her blood work.

So I hope they can track it down so we all can go home.

I won't be able to access the internet while at the hospital, but I will post when I have further news when I need to come home.

Please keep my wife in her prayers....



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My prayers and thoughts to you and your wife and family.

I hope your wife will have a speedy recovery.


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How scary that must have been! I'm glad that she's getting the care she needs. Hope that she's healed soon.


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My wife is still in the hospital. She's not showing any signs of her pneumonia returning and her blood white cell count is back to normal. As of yesterday she started complaining that it hurts to breathe and she's feeling nauseated (has thrown up some), so the doctor got a look at her this morning.

The doctor thinks it may be due to the anti-bodics that she is on and has been on it since last week Tuesday when she was admitted. So he's ordering her off it and will monitor her progress in the next 24 hours. Then I imagine they'll do another blood test to check to see if her blood white cell count is not coming back as being elevated again.

Hopefully she'll show an "all clear" and come home tomorrow. We'll just have to wait and see. I'm home to check on the cats and get cleaned up. Will head back to the hospital this afternoon.

Getting worried about food and bills. My unemployment vouchers ran out as of April 3rd and am waiting on the State Voucher to begin. They said it would take 21 days (since last week Monday) for my first voucher to open. My main worry is food and medicine for my wife, especially when she comes home. Jobs are hard to find these days, especially at the current state of the economy. =(



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Oh man, I know how your wife feel not being able to breath. Been there and done that. I am glad that she is getting better. Give her all the rest she need. Hugs