My Unitron Quantum E's

Hi Folks,

Got my new HA's today, first time I've worn them, so I'm wearing them in for a few hours a day untill I get used to them,
The echoey tinny sound was a bit of a surprise, and my Audiologist has only set them to 50% at first whilst I get used to things. She says I'll adapt to them, and she's right - had them in for 2 hours so far.

I'm off to the pub for a quick pint in a while so that'll be interesting, but the real acid test will be work on monday.
But I can hear clearly for the first time in years :)
Thanks Folks, Last night at the pub was a bit of a surprise, think I tried to walk before I could run! It's a bit of a noisy family-friendly place anyway, and the tablefull of kids going into meltdown at the next table didn't impress me much, very harsh on the ears!
But it's a learning curve as they say....

Next step today is more getting used to the HA's....... and tonight a DVD without the subtitles!
Ok... work on Monday was a surprise. Starting and driving my Forklift was very harsh on the Ears, and loading and unloading bundles of steel from trucks with the constant clash of metal was very jarring!!!
Luckily, I've found that if I turn the volume on the HA's all the way down, this is no longer a problem - it also means that I have to rely more on eyesight and take more care, with my custom earmolds my natural hearing is pretty much nil.
So, I end up keep having to turn the volume up and down all day - or turn them off..... I have an appointment with the Audiologist in a few weeks, she's going to fine-tune the HA's for me - hopefully we'll be able to find some middle-ground. My Boss has said that they can't provide ear defenders cos I need to be able to hear whilst on site, Truck reversing bleepers, tannoy announcers things like that.
My Boss has told me to take it easy, and If I find that anythings too noisy for me just to walk away and they'll set me on something that's a little quieter.
Although to be honest, I think I'll look for a quieter line of work anyway - I'm 40 next year and don't fancy mauling around heavy bits of steel for the rest of my life...
But having said that, conversation is a lot easier now, and I feel that's worth the aggravation whilst I get used to things.
So..... a learning curve for sure...


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Your audi will be able to turn down those high frequencies. When I first got my aids I couldn't unload the dishwasher with them on because putting silverware in the drawer was like stabbing myself in the ear. It was the most hideous, loud screech I'd ever heard. I took two forks with me to the appt and we adjusted until it was better. I don't recommend driving a forklift to your appt though ;)
I thought maybe I could record the noise somehow and we could adjust the frequencies from that, but trial-and-error I suppose.
I'm actually quite surprised the Health & Safety Officer at work hasn't spoken to me yet, she's usually pretty hot on risk assesments and things like that - although all that's to do with work-related injuries. Since I've managed to become HoH all by myself I've probably flown too low under her radar :)

Still, last day at work tomorrow. I have a whole week off, and am taking the wife on a nice romantic holiday in the country for some R+R. It'll be nice to have a holiday :)
Ok, had the relaxing holiday and grumpily went back to work! The Audiologist has toned down the high frequencies for me, and enabled a telicoil type thing for my work phone - which doesnt always work.
So I have three setting on my HA's now.
1 - Normal
2 - Forklift
3 - Phone ( pretty much usless at work cos of all the backgroud noise, may see about changing this..)

But, we're getting there, Pretty much got them how I want them...

Tomorrow will be another Acid Test. Playing 2nd guitar with my mates group for a demo they're doing. HA's will be taken out, but I'd like to see how they go with the sound..... could be interesting.


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When I was trying to get telecoil to work for me, my audi adjusted it loads to get it to work. Your Audi should be able to get it to work well.

Regarding the background noise, you properly have t coil + mic, you can have just t coil which would cut out your bg noise.


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Regarding the background noise, you properly have t coil + mic, you can have just t coil which would cut out your bg noise.

Agreed - It sounds like the Audie has set it so your PHONE setting is TCoil and Mic ... I'd switch it so it's TCoil only (mic off).

If you want, you could set it up so one side is Tcoil & Mic, and the other is Tcoil only (Mic off) so you have the option - put the Tcoil only setting on the ear you find works best for the phone.