My Greyhound.

This is my Greyhound. Her racing name is Auntie Anger III, but we call her Indi.

She had a bit of a bad start to life, when she was 3 months old her trainer started to train her to race and she suffered a broken leg. The trainer - realising that a lame greyhound is no use - took her to the Vet and asked the Vet to put her to Sleep. The Vet said that the break was consistant with a kick, and didn't want to put an otherwise healthy dog down, and contacted a friend of ours who runs a charity caring for ex-racing dogs.
Luckily for Indi, her leg mended ok and we became her owners just before christmas.
She's 7 months old now and really enjoys life!



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Congraulations! Magificent animals they are. Be careful if its ur first greyhound. Theyre sighthounds. Lol known few friends over the years whose got away running n didnt find its way back home eventually in time for cold weather around here. Many dont know that sighthounds are not like other dogs can come back


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I wish the first owner could been fined for abusing the poor dog. 3 month old is too young to start training a racing dog and it should be outlawed.
Greyhounds are very sweet dogs , I saw one in a nursing home once , the owner bring her dog there to visit the people living there. Great job is giving your dog a forever home. She is pretty.


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It's all about money. People put money before welfare of the dogs. It's a shame. The punishment for abusing an animal is so small that it doesn't affect the owner/people.
Yeah, I know that problem with sight hounds. I had an Afghan Hound back in England that was a bit of an escape artist, he got out once or twice, had a bit of a run and got lost. I was lucky the ranger picked him up!
We don't let her off the lead yet - except in fenced-off dog exercise areas at the local park.
We have to keep her muzzled when shes out walking - not because she's dangerous or aggressive, just because it's against the law not to! It's something like a 500 dollar fine if they catch you.


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What a great-looking girl! We considered adopting a hound off the track when we were searching for a second dog to add to our then-household of first Rottie female and two adult people. They are extremely sweet and generally mellow dogs. One of my co-workers is actively involved in greyhound rescue/placement and lives with two ex-racing females, older girls-

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congrats. lot of my friends rescue the greyhound and take them home. One of my friend showed me the video, her greyhound came into the house for the first time. He sniffed and looks very nervous, and sniffed cat, within a few weeks. he finally look so cozy at home! ;D
Yeah, its weird. I suppose you've got an animal that has been specifically bred for chasing and hunting down a small creature (the lure on the racetrack) - regardless of whether the dog in question has ever even seen a greyhound track.
Law probably needs changing in that regard..
Here's a couple more of her....
We met up with a friend of ours who's also a Greyhound owner.


The bigger dog is called Pixel, she's from Tasmania, and is only 2 months older than Indi.


Wonder what she's looking at....


Much Running. so Fun. Wow.

And having a lie-down....