My CI improvement

Yesterday I had an appointment with my audiologist to fine tune the cochlear implant in my right ear and fitting for a digital hearing aid in my left ear.

The first thing that was done was to re-program one of my old digital hearing aids (a Phonak Naida Q50 UP) to help me with sound in my left ear. The sound that this hearing aid provides is nothing like that which is provided by the cochlear implant in my right ear – hearing aids just can’t compete with a CI. However, it is better than nothing because it helps with environmental sounds.

An audiogram was performed to judge how well I am benefiting from the cochlear implant and the results are astounding – it seems the CI has turned my profound deafness in my right ear to normal hearing levels. I still cannot believe how well this CI is working, I am able to hear and understand speech without lip reading much of the time, though lip reading is still required occasionally. Hopefully, that will improve with time. See the attached image.

Fine tuning my cochlear implant was quick and easy – I had been through this before – and seemed to provide better sound as the audiologist was able to tune out certain troublesome sounds.

The next step in this journey is to get a cochlear implant in my left ear, but I must wait until May of next year.



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My CI was activated November 28 and I'm loving it. I am having troubling times when the implant overheats. Information online simply tells me to discontinue use and call my audiologist. It's Christmas Day and I am wanting to use it now!