My chicken is ill | Excuse used by support worker


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Have you seen the recent documentary on the BBC about Deaf Teens? [link describing programme in more detail] There is an amusing (and annoying!) incident when a support worker says she can only help a Deaf student for half of a lecture as her chicken is ill. A real WTF moment!
[ame=]I have a problem, My Chicken is ill - YouTube[/ame]

Here the journalist Charlie Swinbourne writes about the incident
The notetaker’s limping chicken from ‘Deaf Teens: Hearing World’ goes viral | Charlie Swinbourne


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I found this to be a very inappropriate excuse, it could have or may have not been true, we don't know


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Okay, she had an appointment with the Vet. But shouldn't she have explained to the Vet that she couldn't take that appointment time because she had a prior obligation?


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It is a lame excuses i ever heard surely,she have plenty time to go the vets after work ,Poor girl what she is going through.
This video was spread like mad on Facebook and Twitter next day after programme been on TV, loads chicken jokes and chicken pictures like that well known picture says "Keep Calm and Stay Safe?", some people changed it say "Keep Calm and my Chicken is ill".

That gotta be one most lame excuse I ever see!

Chicken isn't ill really, more injured than ill.


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I once had someone tell me that they couldnt come to work as their horse was sick....needless to say she didnt get payed sick leave that day


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First day:
Boss: How are you doing?
Employee: oh, I'm fine except my wife is ill, phhfftt

Second day:
Boss: What's up with you lately?
Employee: Oh, I hope you don't mind me leaving early, my rat is ill.

(scratching my head...) Okaaaaaay


To try to be a bit fair, it's not clear if the terp was booked for both hours and couldn't make the second because of this last minute chicken incident, or if via some miscommunication or other she was not booked for the second hour at all. It seems from the conversation that she was under the impression it was a 1 hour booking and she was explaining she would try to extend the booking except she already had this appointment booked in and it was her prior obligation. These kinds of things happen all the time since usually you struggle to get your timetable, you then let the office know you want a terp, they book one, the terp fails to tell the office they can't make it so you don't book a replacement and the office says it's not their fault because they had no idea. And then you finally get organised and the tutor says oh yeah, I know the timetable says 3-5pm but that didn't suit me so I'm moving it to a 4-6 at the last minute, that can't possibly affect anyone, right? The first few weeks of term you never get support services.

We're not sure if the interpreter was actually aware she was double booked until the moment she found herself stood there having that conversation. I've had all sorts in my time, including when a support worker was missing for weeks on end and I finally negotiated my way into the support office to be told "We assumed she had been coming, she didn't say otherwise".
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Yes, mixups happen or "emergencies" happen, but who ends up paying the price? The deaf who doesn't have A notetaker or AN interpreter when they need them.

On a different note: I have been learning sign language, first at college for a couple years then on my own a few years later. I, unfortunately, don't have a good gauge in telling what level I am as a signer. I was watching the clip and was "shocked" at how bad my reading sign language skills were. Yes, it took me a minute to realize it was BSL, not ASL. Haha! Then I watched it again just for the enjoyment of watching a different sign language than my own.