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I had an audiogram done on Friday. I was astounded at what I experienced. I didn't realize how much I depend on body language, facial expressions and lip reading. Not being able to see the audiologist had me in tears. I'm profoundly deaf in my left ear.. below 95 dB and below 65 in my right. The audiologist recommended a CI for my left ear.
I am glad to know now how severe it is, especially since both ears were in the moderate to severe low frequency range 10 years ago. Another part of me mourns how much I'm missing as well as such a late entry into a world of people who understand and are just like me.
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Sorry to hear the results of your audiogram.

As a person born with profound hearing loss and aged 26 my advice would be to try and embrace this new part of your life.

It will be challenging and hard to communicate with others though it's also not a bad thing that you have to read and watch people's body language.

I found having to be more hyper observant of others body language and facial expressions an instinctive way to read and detect a persons intention or if they have any intention to bother looking past my hearing loss.

If you don't know very much of the deaf community locally I'd suggest checking out local deaf clubs and learning to sign too.

I found it very helpful being able to meet others who are in or emphasise and understand the position I'm in myself with my hearing loss.
@ErinC Thanks for sharing!

I just went through cochlear implantation and am having great results. I am profoundly deaf in both ears and currently have a Cochlear Nucleus 7 in my right ear and a Phonak Naida Q50 UP in my left ear. I've had a few digital hearing aids over the years but they are nothing compared to a CI. You can follow my story:

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